the trust infrastructure for cooperative ecosystems

Trustful digital transformation 

With evan.network, we provide the technical and legal framework for the
future of the decentralized market economy based on blockchain technology.

Markets are in a state of upheaval. Digitization creates new markets and transforms existing ones. Increasingly, values are being created through cooperation, machines are being shared as autonomous actors in business processes, and resources are being shared between business partners – all based on digital infrastructure.

Companies network with their business partners and interact securely, automatically and trustworthily. Digital Identities turn goods into active and autonomous participants in business relationships. We make the Economy of Things possible.

Data sovereignty, security, and independence

evan.network abolishes dependencies on monopolistic platforms and the associated information asymmetries and thus creates competitive advantages for each shareholder. Their data sovereignty and independence are secured due to the decentralized technology and the neutral business organization.

Our Mission – Decentralized Platform Economy

Our mission is to connect companies with their business partners in a secure, efficient, automated and trustworthy manner, without having to give up their data sovereignty, as is the case with central platforms.

Competitive advantages can be generated by the cooperation of the market participants on the evan.network. The evan.network is already used by well-known companies in different industries.

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Use cases for digital, decentralized trust services

Trust is the basis of all business relationships. Digitally available trust is, therefore, one of the most important building blocks of digitization.

3rd Blockchain Hackathon Stuttgart 2020

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Blockchain Expo Europe 2020

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Digital identities – trust infrastructure for digital business models

How can trust be established in digital business relationships without becoming dependent on central platforms?