evan.network organization

The evan.network organization (e.n.o.) is an independent non-commercial organization. It shall ensure the operation of the evan.network as well as the integrity, functionality, stability, and security of the freely accessible, neutral and distributed network infrastructure. In particular, this includes important decisions on the definition and updating of standards as well as guidelines for participation in the evan.network.

Consequently, the e.n.o. is a governing body and unites the authority nodes required for network operation and success. Special importance is attached to the fact that the evan.network will not be controlled, dominated and operated by individual companies in the future. Authority nodes let the network grow and offer a powerful blockchain infrastructure at stable costs. In order to enable broad and unhindered use of the evan.network, an open-source approach is given.

Become a participant of the evan.network

Become a member of the evan.network organization and run an Authority Node. Together with other members, you make decisions about the definition and updating of standards as well as guidelines for participation in the evan.network.

Become a member of the evan.network organization and operate an Authority Node.

Network Forum

The evan.network organization is led by the Network Forum, which is composed of representatives of companies that operate Authority Nodes. The network members make common decisions about network management.

Participating partners

The participating partners use the network and carry the mission of a neutral, decentralized platform as an alternative to a central data monopoly outwards. As a participating partner in the evan.network, you are not obliged to act as an authority node. You have the chance to use evan.network for your business independently of your node operation.

The coordination council

The Coordination Council is the management board of the organization which shall primarily act and react as an organizing body. The current representatives of the Coordination Council are:

Thomas Müller
evan GmbH

“With the decentralized cooperation of companies, there will be a whole new form of platform economy.”

Oliver Nägele
Blockchain HELIX AG

“We create a technological basis so that people and machines, as well as machines and machines, can directly, safely and trustfully interact with one another.”

Together we create the standard
of tomorrow’s digital economy

INATBA (International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications) provides a global forum for developers and users of distributed ledger technology to interact with regulatory authorities and political decision-makers and help shape the future of blockchain technology. evan GmbH has become a member of this initiative of the European Commission to help shape the legal and utilization-related framework conditions for the deployment of blockchain technology in enterprises.