Features that make the evan.network unique


Open organization and governance approach

Open organization and governance approach to build decentralized business applications for a sharing economy without vendor lock-in.

Open source technology

Open Source technology stack with possibilities for integration of 3rd party blockchain and non-blockchain technologies (IOTA, BigChainDB, Ties.DB and more).

Open development community

Open development community with best practices, blueprints and support for fast, business oriented development and disrupting applications.


Enterprise-ready blockchain framework

Enterprise-ready blockchain framework with role-based security, data encryption and privacy services and smart contract versioning.

Smart Contract templates

Ready to use Smart Contract templates for capacity management, business contracts, asset managements and more.

GDPR compliant

Data privacy focused architecture enables to build GDPR compliant blockchain solutions and let you decide where your data is stored.


Stable coin

Stable coin for reliable and scalable enterprise business helps to create your own data-driven business model.

High performant

High performant and secure transaction processing based on proof of authority consensus and optional side chain integration.

Core services

Ready to use core services e. g. identity & key management or name-service can be used across all business centers.