Dresden, June 2020 – First Healthcare use case on the evan.network

The Cologne-based company Ruma GmbH expanded their unique marker-system for tamper-proof urine samples using a digital application on the evan.network blockchain.

Therapy adherence 4.0

The patented Ruma Marker-System replaces the security check, which is necessary for the submission of urine samples using marker-substances. These substances ensure the allocation of the donor to the sample. That analog supply chain is transferred via the Mobile Health App into the digital world by mapping the individual maker substance as a digital twin on the evan.network blockchain. The digital twin documents the path of the substance – from the manufacturing over the submission at the doctor’s office, the use by patients, validation of the urine sample by the lab to the invoicing. In the field of addiction medicine, the Ruma Digital System enables a contactless sampling in a flexible manner as well as simplified practice procedures.

Addiction therapy and drug analysis for the health care system of the future

The Mobile Health App, which is connected to the evan.network business blockchain, creates a highly secure electronic data room both for the user of the application and for the respective health care provider. All content of the communication is encrypted end-to-end, only treating physicians that are certified for the Ruma Digital System can access the data. Any changes and use of data is saved on the evan.network blockchain in an unalterable and tamper-proof manner.

Thomas Müller, CEO of the evan GmbH: “In the created solution, the digital representation of the marker-capsule accompanies the whole test process. In this way, medical processes can be digitalized and can protect personal data. As opposed to traditional solutions, the blockchain technology ensures the authenticity and the immutability of data, so that a central access to data is not possible.”

Watch this video for more information about how the app is used.