Dresden, 23 September 2020: TRUST&TRACE – Blockchain for supply chain und compliance teams 

We are very excited to announce the launch of our new software TRUST&TRACE.

TRUST&TRACE is based on the evan.network and addresses supply chain, compliance and purchasing users. It enables companies to digitize business relationships with partners and suppliers and at the same time ensures independence and data sovereignty of all parties involved.

The solution lets companies set up a digital supplier network: By connecting with business partners, company and transaction data can be digitally exchanged and linked to jointly created products. This makes all important data along the supply chain digitally verifiable and ensures greater transparency and trust in the collaboration. Not only does this speed up business processes and facilitate supplier management – TRUST&TRACE can also verify the origin and sustainable production along the supply chain.

TRUST&TRACE is currently being tested with selected customers. The product will be available for all companies from November. On our homepage you will not only find a lot of information about the product, you can also get individual advice from our product experts on how TRUST&TRACE can support your business. Furthermore, our new TRUST&TRACE blog will contain articles on topics such as supply chain, logistics and sustainability as well as case studies on TRUST&TRACE use cases.